Holistic View of Face Acne

The Upper Region

1130847_tiffany_2_2When approaching the causes of acne in certain areas of the face, it is helpful to consider the face to be a map of the body.
For example individual features of the face correlate to certain parts of the body and indicate the function and health of specific organs and systems.

The face can be split up into roughly 3 regions that correspond to 3 primary bodily functions; the forehead, the middle region (cheeks and nose), and the lower region.

The Forehead
The forehead represents the sensing and nervous system functions such as thinking.
Pimples and blemishes on the forehead indicate stress and excessive thinking that may be drawing energy away from the digestive system. This weakens the waste elimination process and leads to increased levels of toxins in the body’s bloodstream, which results in pimples. Acne on the forehead usually means you have stress due to over-thinking and a troublesome nervous system. This means you need to take better care of it and participate in more physical activities and include more whole grain fiber in your diet.

Here are a few good tips to help improve your intestines and reduce stressful thinking;

- Eat cooked whole grains e.g. millet, brown rice, oats and barley
- Drink plenty of water
- Eat more green, leafy vegetables and root vegetables
- Exercise daily
- Cut out processed foods
- Take natural laxatives if you have constipation
- Cut out caffeine


The Middle Region

1005372_2This is the area from the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose.
This represents the rhythmic and respiratory system. The cheeks reflect the health of the lungs; clear, bright cheeks mean healthy lungs. Often smokers have dark pigments in their cheeks.
If you have problems with acne on your cheeks you may have fatty deposits and carbon in your lungs. Your oxygen-absorbing capacity may also be low.

A few good tips to improve the health of your lungs are;

- Stop smoking
- Reduce or stop eating fatty, greasy foods
- Eat more leafy, green vegetables
- Walk/exercise daily to help rid your lungs of toxins and increase oxygen intake

The area below the eyes is associated with the health of your kidneys.
Swelling under the eyes occurs when your kidneys are tired or weak and can’t adequately regulate the liquid content of your body.

A few god tips to improve the health of your kidneys are;

- Reduce your intake of animal protein because it gets converted into uric acid which is hard on the kidneys
- Eat more beans and bean products
- Cut out sugar, salt, alcohol, caffeine and soft drinks because they are all hard on the liver.
The bulb of the nose relates to the health of the heart.
It is considered to be the gateway to the body’s cardiopulmonary system. When your nose is swollen or red it means your heart is overworked and has expanded. Because sugar and fatty foods affect your heart and arteries significantly it will show up as pimples on your nose. Also alcohol intake can cause you to have a swollen nose and heart.

Here are a few good tips to help you improve the health of your heart;

- Reduce your red meat intake and dairy products because they are high in saturated fat.
- Cut out processed, sugary food that contains trans fatty acids
- Eat lots of whole grains high in fibre and fresh fruits and vegetables
- Exercise daily
- Avoid stress and don’t over-exert yourself

The Lower Region

1079696_lipsThis area of the face from the nose to the chin indicates how healthy your digestive tract is, and the health of the reproductive organs.

A swollen bottom lip means you large intestine is swollen and lacking in vitality. A swollen upper lip indicates a swollen small intestine, often caused by congestion with fat.

The area above the top lip and blow the nose represents the health of the uterus in women, and the prostate in men. Blemishes and pimples in this area can be due to hormonal imbalances and can appear around the time of their period. It can also be due to the accumulation of toxins and fat in the uterus or prostate and stagnation in those areas.

The chin reflects the health of your reproductive organs in both men and women. Blemishes on the chin and around the mouth indicate hormonal imbalances and the accumulation of fat within the reproductive organs.

The best way to heal acne on the lower region of the face and around the mouth and chin is to sort out possible hormonal imbalances and improve your diet.